About us  

Welcome to the new and improved PCDirect Ghana. If you have been a PCDirect customer in the past, you will notice some dramatic changes - for the better.

The lowest prices, a much wider selection of products and accessories, a commitment to customer satisfaction - and all of this runs 9 hours a day, 6 days a week. We won't find satisfaction until our customers do.

If you're new to PCDirect, you've discovered that we are the number one IT shop for computers, high-definition TVs, and everything in between that deals with electronics.

We've created a new site that offers a large selection of name-brand products at the lowest of prices, with pictures of each of the following products that assure the customer that what they see is what they get. Whether one is looking for the latest and most advanced notebook or desktop computers, high-definition televisions, DPS devices, printers, projectors, digital cameras, MP3 players, media, computer hardware and software - you name it - no better place than right here. Plus, we provide product information by phone or e-mail at all hours.

Remember, the new PCDirect Ghana.com is the country's number one destination for HD TVs, Pads, photo paper, power banks, security softwares, phones, accessories, and any and every electronically powered device one may have in mind.

Our company has been been providing for the industry for the past 10 years, and as the leader in IT products, we know how to please your IT needs with our vast inventory of the highest-quality products. We look forward to helping our customers with merchandise that meet your needs. We look forward to satisfying our customers!

Why shop with us? One might ask.

When you shop with PCDirect, you are choosing from a long list of quality and well known productions at unbeatable prices. But that is only on the surface. Delving deeper, you will also notice we carry a vaster inventory of components than our competitors, with emerging technologies such as processors, hard drives,optical drives, cases, and more. We strive to continue to carry our company forth after 15 years of excellence.

In addition,
- we treat every customer with respect and courtesy, considering every transaction as critically important
- we offer Ghana's highest quality products at the lowest prices
- we back every product we sell and ensure out customer with the most satisfaction before they leave
- we offer the most complete product information and photo galleries available
- we provide our customers with information on the phone, in our stores, and on our website to ease the process of purchasing our goods. Each of our telephone representatives have been trained to answer questions with patience and intelligence
- We offer customer updates on new products that are yet to hit the market.

About the Company:

PCDirect was established 15 years ago to introduce to Ghana the cheapest yet most reliable IT productions to Ghanaians. Our idea is to educate Ghana on how to find and use the best products at the lowest prices.

We serve the needs of each and every customer from the street vendors to multi-million-dollar companies, from satisfying printing-paper needs to the most complex devices used to power companies.

After years of making a name for ourselves, we can be found in any newspaper, magazine, and media outlet hailed as the "one-stop-shop" for all of your IT needs in Accra and the rest of Ghana.

But our success has been founded by one single idea: our dedication to being a trusted company with trusted brands with all of your IT needs under one roof in 10 different locations nationwide. From our first store built ten years ago in Osu, to our most recent store, we continue to treat each customer with customer care while also providing unparalleled customer service.

For 15 years we have formed bonds with customers who still trust the PCDirect brand name, returning to our stores knowing that each product on their check-list can be found within our shop walls.

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